Transform your Learning Experience

Transform your Learning Experience

Digital Learning

Learning and development programs are essential for a workforce's competitiveness. With the help of digital learning, your team can learn at their leisure, prepare online for seminars and workshops and transfer knowledge to skill.


T.A. Cook's digital learning cards are structured to help your team grasp complex concepts quickly and fully. The embedded quizzes make it easy to review and ensure the participant has absorbed all the information.


Digital learning makes localization affordable. By translating into relevant languages, companies can offer training courses to smaller offices in remote locations where an on-site seminar or workshop would not be cost effective.


Each digital learning program can be individually customized and integrated into your Learning Management System (LMS) through SCORM-compatibiliy. An authoring tool can be provided.


If you want to find out more about T.A. Cook’s digital learning offerings and the potential benefits for your company, please get in touch.

Günter Schmittberger

Günter Schmittberger

Senior Analyst