Destined to succeed

  July 2018 / Uwe Sahl, Director, T.A. Cook

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been under way for some time now. Companies are connecting and automating their production processes and using data on an unprecedented scale. Scientists all agree that the process will take years or even decades.

Are humans making themselves obsolete?

  July 2018

Empty factories and increasingly autonomous machines: Those who only envisage the modern working world in this nightmarish scenario are overlooking the diverse possibilities and

“We Are Not Only Investing in Technology”

  July 2018

Pushing Boundaries is Covestro’s motto. The chemical company is using this philosophy to press ahead with its own digitalization plans. Stephan Krebber, program director

Start-up Solutions for Industry 4.0

  June 2018

The future is set to bring connected machines, intelligent factories, and smart workers. There’s talk of disruptive changes – things that have never previously existed are reshaping entire industries. Small wonder then

We Are The Consultants’ Toolmakers

  June 2018 / Marco Wagner, Knowledge Manager

T.A. Cook has been helping clients all over the world to manage highly complex plants and teams for a number of years. This support is based on a wealth of experience and data, profound knowledge of asset-intensive

The new Insite magazine is out

  May 2018

A revolution is underway. Internet, big data, computational networks, algorithms and robotics are destined to change the industy. It is high time to embrace change yourself. 

Manage Scope to Meet or Beat Your Budget

  May 2018

A turnaround can be one of the most difficult events for an operating plant to conduct. Most continuous processes run without interruption, leaving little opportunity for routine

“Digital is at the heart of our operations”

  May 2018

Heavy industry is witnessing wide-scale technological change and digitalisation is at the heart of any modernisation strategy. Asset-centric businesses are turning to new

The Power of Role Models

  May 2018

Women in the process industry are still a minority – even though typically female abilities such as communicatin, reflection, or cooperation are more sought-after than ever. Alice

Create your most effective maintenance strategy with the help of RCM

  May 2018 / Joy Singh, Senior Consultant

Maintenance constitutes a notable portion of operating costs for asset intensive industries. Management in these industries need dynamic maintenance strategies that provide