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The Power of Role Models

  May 2018

Women in the process industry are still a minority – even though typically female abilities such as communicatin, reflection, or cooperation are more sought-after than ever. Alice Zhang regards herself as a role model and is keen to inspire future

MainDays 2018

  March 2018 / Astrid Werner

The philosopher Heraclitus was famous for his insistence on ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe. His belief that ‘nothing endures but change’ could

The blame game

  March 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

The kick-off meeting has taken place and time is ticking. Where in the past, one had all the time in the world, today nothing can be done quickly enough. This is the same during

Time to act

  March 2018 / Thomas Cook, Chairman, Co-Founder

At the established TAR Annual Meeting, executives, project managers and specialists met to discuss the current challenges in turnaround management. All participants agreed: If you want to be successful in the long term,

A striking balance

  February 2018

As a native Canadian with Croatian roots, Matthew Popovacki offers the best of two worlds: North American determination combined with European nonchalance. The result? A cool character who pushes himself to the limits

Beyond Contractor Management

  February 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

Increasingly, industrial organizations are outsourcing their maintenance work in order to focus on their core businesses. It's about time, that we consider how contracting really works in the economy and how it can be

Control is good, trust is better

  February 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

In asset intensive industries, modes of working together have been established incrementally - via alliances, framework agreements, co-operations - and yet working together is

The road less traveled

  October 2017

David Woods has no time for monotony, which particularly suits his job as a consultant. It is the unpredictability that drives the 51-year-old with his typical British charm – and

Meeting of the minds

  September 2017 / Philip Morel, Partner, North America

Contractors in the process industry have long been much more than just subcontractors who carry out standard tasks. They assume a central role in production and maintenance, which

On a level playing field

  April 2017 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

Since 1994, T.A. Cook has provided its clients with advice on how to optimize maintenance processes and increase productivity. Co-founder and CEO Frank-Uwe Hess looks back at