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Are humans making themselves obsolete?

  July 2018

Empty factories and increasingly autonomous machines: Those who only envisage the modern working world in this nightmarish scenario are overlooking the diverse possibilities and opportunities that digitalization offers companies and their employees.

“We Are Not Only Investing in Technology”

  July 2018

Pushing Boundaries is Covestro’s motto. The chemical company is using this philosophy to press ahead with its own digitalization plans. Stephan Krebber, program director

Start-up Solutions for Industry 4.0

  June 2018

The future is set to bring connected machines, intelligent factories, and smart workers. There’s talk of disruptive changes – things that have never previously existed are

We Are The Consultants’ Toolmakers

  June 2018 / Marco Wagner, Knowledge Manager

T.A. Cook has been helping clients all over the world to manage highly complex plants and teams for a number of years. This support is based on a wealth of experience and data, profound knowledge of asset-intensive

The new Insite magazine is out

  May 2018

A revolution is underway. Internet, big data, computational networks, algorithms and robotics are destined to change the industy. It is high time to embrace change yourself. 

Ideas from and on a connected world

  April 2018

Ideas worth spreading,” the TED Institute regularly invites experts to talk about the latest trends in technology, education, and design. We've selected six clips on the subject of Industry 4.0 that nobody with an

A new kind of networking

  March 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

Twice a year, T.A. Cook invites top managers from the field of maintenance to the Maintenance Benchmarks Focus Group. This exclusive forum offers participants the opportunity to

Time to act

  March 2018 / Thomas Cook, Chairman, Co-Founder

At the established TAR Annual Meeting, executives, project managers and specialists met to discuss the current challenges in turnaround management. All participants agreed: If you

Community is at the core of contemporary conferences

  January 2018

In this ever developing digital age conferences and trade shows have become more relevant than ever before. Whilst information is readily available digitally, actual expertise and

Learning anywhere, anytime

  August 2017 / Günter Schmittberger, Manager Knowledge Management

T.A. Cook has developed an instrument that helps colleagues as well as customers to learn in a well structured way, anywhere and at any time.