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Join our regular webinar series featuring exclusive expert insights on STO, reliability, maintenance and other topics.

The Reliability Engineer’s Role During the STO

Excessive scope and poor scope control are STO performance killers. In most plants, the reliability engineers have access to the data and possess the analytical skills to evaluate the condition of the equipment. Learn how to best utilize your reliability engineers in our webinar. Watch the recording

Manage Your STO like a Jet Pilot

Research suggests that the best STO managers come in at 10% below projections, while the worst STO managers come in at 60% above projections. Watch our webinar with an expert lead discussion on why good outcomes are hard to come by and how to better your odds.

The benefits of reliability

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis can be used to assess all possible failure modes, but often falls short in providing a detailed cost analysis of commonly recommended tasks. Watch our webinar to learn effective methods for bad actor cost tracking and analysis from expert Colemann O'Malley.


Astrid Werner

Astrid Werner

Director, APM Communities & Events