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Cut The FLAB: 6 Financial Benefits Gained Through Precision Maintenance

  February 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Industry experts Drew Troyer and Peter Munson explain how properly executed precision maintenance will improve equipment reliability results in considerable cost savings for your organization 

Data Driven Decision Making in Asset Management

  August 2020 / Lance Bisinger, Principal, Global Expert Lead Reliability

Dr. Ajith Parlikad leads research activities at the Institute of Manufacturing in Cambridge and is Head of the Asset Management Group. His particular focus is examining how asset

From Vision to Reality:
 Intelligent AM

  June 2020 / Alice Zhang, Senior Consultant

Predictive maintenance, digital twinning, mobile solutions, intelligent supply chain management, machine learning, Industry 4.0… the buzz words mentioned in articles, social media,

Companies and Generation Y: Searching for a Win-Win

  June 2020

Corporate amnesia is becoming a very real problem for many sectors – especially in manufacturing. And, with the right tools, veteran knowledge can still be passed down in asset intensive industries and help boost

Even the Smartest Factory Will Still 
Need People

  June 2020

Artificial intelligence, robots, quantum computers: digital transformation is dominated by highly complex machines. By contrast, people are increasingly being viewed as liabilities instead of assets. Toni Wäfler,

"We Can Only Achieve Digital Transformation Together"

  June 2020

The rapid speed and complexity of technological change is posing a challenge to Germany as a center of business and industry. More and more companies are turning to a new approach – collaboration – as a solution. For

Overcome Corporate Amnesia & Remember How to Run a Business

  June 2020 / Joy Singh, Senior Consultant

Millennials are testing companies’ ability to adapt. So far, the public doesn’t think much of their ideas about the world of work. Yet industrial companies in particular could

A Man for All Seasons

  June 2020

Everyone thinks differently, every project team develops its own unique dynamics – this poses many challenges for effective change management. Nobody at T.A. Cook knows this better

The Human Factors of Equipment Asset Management

  June 2020 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

According to research, about 80% of all failures can be attributable to human factors. More than 55% can be attributable to organizational artefacts such as lack of or ineffective

People Power: Fuelling change through winning partnerships

  June 2020 / David Fleming, Manager

There’s never a dull moment at Equinor’s onshore production operation. It’s adrenalin filled and demanding; but also hugely stimulating and rewarding. There are continual strategic