Develop a successful asset management strategy during Covid-19

Develop a successful asset management strategy during Covid-19

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Webinars & Educational Videos

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The T.A. Cook Educational Webinars provide deep insight into best practices for maintenance, turnaround management, capex, reliability and other topics that help customers from asset intensive industries to improve the performance of their operations.

Manage Your STO like a Jet Pilot

Presented by: Drew Troyer, CRE, CMRP

In this webinar Drew Troyer shares how to override what typically goes wrong in an STO event through an STO event simulator. This video teaches ways to enhance teamwork, decision-making, best practice knowledge, and end-to-end project efficiency.

Planning to Fail? Take your Maintenance Planning Program to the Next Level

Presented by: Peter Munson, CRE, CSSBB, CMRP

In this webinar Peter Munson applies lessons from military aviation operations and maintenance to help petrochemical and utilities organizations create value with their planning programs. Even with well-resourced planning functions, many organizations realize only 25-40% of labor productivity. At least half of the lost productivity can be traced to shortfalls in planning and scheduling.

The Benefits of Reliability

Presented by: Colemann O'Malley

In this webinar Colemann O'Malley discusses bad actor cost tracking, zero-based budgeting and cost management, effectively capturing risk reduction, justification, prioritization, and the concept of modeled risk to improve overall reliability programs.

The Reliability Engineer's Role During an STO

Presented by: Drew Troyer, CRE, CMRP

In this webinar Drew Troyer reveals how underutilized the Reliability Engineer is in removing risk during a Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage (STO). They posses special skills in risk management, and detailed knowledge about the plant’s design and configuring, operating.maintenance context and history.

Viewing Equipment Failures Through Isikawa Lens

Presented by: Lance Bisinger, CRMP, CRL

High corrective maintenance costs are a combination of human and process factors. Bad actor analysis commonly focuses on reducing costs associated with physical asset management, while other sources tend to fly under the radar. In this webinar Lance Bisinger raises the horizon to identify the often over looked contributors to poor equipment reliability through an in depth look using Ishikawa analysis.

Focus on FLAB (Fastners, Lubrication, Alignment, & Balance)

Presented By: Drew Troyer, CRE, CMRP

Plant reliability has a major impact on plant profitability, safety and environmental sustainability. In this webinar Drew Troyer introduces how to manage Fastners, Lubrications, Allignment, and Balance (FLAB) with lean precision maintenance.


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