Operation & Asset Management Strategy

Operation & Asset Management Strategy

Successfully plan and control your plant


Converting raw materials into goods as efficiently as possible depends upon understanding a multitude of market, commercial and manufacturing factors and selecting the most appropriate strategies. With an ever-changing world, these strategies are increasingly likely to need reviewing.  From an operational perspective, it typically starts with defining the expectations and determining the most appropriate size, location and capability of plants and  assets which can deliver the required output. This will entail assumptions regarding the output and reliability of plant and selecting the most appropriate shutdown, turnaround and upgrade cycles.

Having helped determine the cornerstones of a manufacturing strategy we help our clients with its implementation - driving efficiency and effectiveness through a holistic approach optimizing every area of personnel deployment and utilization and matching this to available technology and the opportunities afforded by lean manufacturing methods. In all these areas T.A. Cook makes it our business to help our clients optimize theirs.

Key Benefits


spend less on asset maintenance and care


higher overall equipment effectiveness


times as likely to be able to compare asset performance across plants


times more likely to frequently assess equipment asset management risk to operational capability

Our Strategy & Solutions

T.A. Cook’s team of specialized consultants, engineers and development coaches provide a unique approach to operational challenges to develop and implement programs that increase and sustain our clients’ profitability. With our “One Team” approach our experts are equally versed in the language of operations managers and of employees on the shop floor. They develop innovative organizational strategies and asset management solutions and accompany their clients through to successful implementation, governed by clear accountabilities, milestones and expectation of implemented benefits.

Our Service Offerings

Organizational redesign and cost optimization

We conduct a SWOT analysis to determine the organization’s strengths and weaknesses on key elements of operations and asset performance excellence to quantify how of a world-class operations and asset strategy will impact our clients production levels, cost, profitability and performance on HS&E. The new organizational design is in alignment with ISO 55000 (PAS 55) with associated codes of practice (CoPs) for the key areas of asset management to support your ISO 55000 certification process, if desired. Finally we define the right measures and a set of global metrics and set up a control system to monitor them.


Design for reliability, operability, maintainability and flexibility

Design for reliability, operability, maintainability and flexibility T.A. Cook experts facilitate reviews of existing designs and incorporate best practices design for reliability (DfR), operability (DfO), maintainability (DfM) and flexibility (DfF) into equipment and process designs and associated RFPs.


Optimized shift management

T.A. Cook analysis the current shift team size based on operational targets and detailed activity list. After re-defining all shift team activities for each operational position, the team recalculates the cover factor. Finally, we train, coach and mentoring all operators on shift transition on the mew practices and activities that are consistent with DOE  make bring new “operating model” alive.


Operator driven reliability

While applying SMED principles and HAZOP analysis, we determine, standardize and support execution and sustainability of optimized start-up, shut-down and first line maintenance processes. Our team helps you to develop a risk-based inspection plan for each asset and assign the inspections as appropriate to operator rounds. This service includes standard taxonomies for operator notifications based upon new or existing rounds and coach and mentor on the process of creating meaningful notifications.


Advanced alarm management

We work with your control room operations and specialist to rationalize process system alarms so as to eliminate nuisance alarms, clearly define alarm severity and required actions and coach and mentor operators on proper alarm response.


Lean operations management

We help you to eliminate waste by criticality evaluating various production process an applying SMED principles to separate internal and external steps, convert internal steps to external steps, and streamline and standardize all lean management tools and steps. This results in a new design to implement waste-reducing lean manufacturing processes based on Hoshin planning, Value stream mapping, A3 thinking, Heijunka, 5S, Poka Yoke and Kan Ban principles. Our experts coach and mentor your team to implement a Lean culture.


Embrace digital technologies

We help you to digitalize your entire operational processes from the control room to the shop floor with the help of a project management office (PMO), they continuously drive and control all the digital activities. From digital twins, over to predictive maintenance to a fully digitalized turnaround.


Our success stories

"T.A. Cook helped us change our status-quo by initiat-ing our mindset and behavior change process."

General Manager, Solvay Rare Earth China


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Bernd Zanger

Bernd Zanger

Principal, Global Expertise Lead Operations & Asset Management Strategies