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You mention strong management. How important is the

project manager in this set-up?

The project manager plays a fundamental role. They

bring together different skills and expertise. They must

be able to break down substantial issues into digestible

details, not just for non-specialists, but also for man-

agement. Only then can all stakeholders – engineers,

economists, HR managers, technicians and suppliers –

understand the consequences of their decisions.

That sounds challenging for one person.

Project leaders certainly have a great deal of responsi-

bility. Their extensive mandate requires absolute prof-

essionalism, but they are not alone in the process. We

get every expert we can from across the organization

involved in the turnaround. This management buy-in is

very important and is also a form of continuity: we call

it cross-site management. Project managers from differ-

ent locations come together to analyze the turnaround

in the company and share ideas with each other. We

evaluate different points of the project: the beginning of

the implementation phase, the current planning phase

and after the completion of a project.

“Those who can handle a turnaround

can make it to the top of the company.”


Photo: Kjartan Storsæt