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The past year has been a turbulent one. Oil and gas prices have not recovered,

financial markets have remained jittery and political uncertainty in Europe

and the U.S. has created a sense of apprehension towards the future. But

uncertainty also means opportunity, and that is where we see a good amount

of business potential.

In this, our second issue of IN


, we have chosen to explore the tech-

niques managers can use to create value out of the turmoil. Often, it is the

very desire to seek stability which paralyses progress, which our cover story

(page 9) argues, is one of the key reasons why projects collapse. In

A Lead-

ing Question

(page 30), Gert Müller explains why prag-

matic decision-making is perhaps the most important

skill managers can develop and how constantly seek-

ing consensus brings capital projects to a standstill. On

page 14, Statoil’s Head of Maintenance Kjartan Storsæt

argues that the ability to handle the emotional roller-

coaster of turnarounds forms the foundations of man-

agerial success.

Whether the issue is finding a way to make global strat-

egies work on the ground or managing teams of vary-

ing cultures, we think that taking an active, pragmatic

approach to change is the only way to achieve success.

After all, if you can keep your head when all about you

are losing theirs, the opportunities are endless.

Markus Treiber

CEO, Operations

Frank-Uwe Hess

CEO, Strategy

Photo opposite: Prasit Rodphan/Shutterstock